Горячий шоколад...

I'm still missunderstood


My 18th

I'm still missunderstood
Well... I'm finally 18 but .... for some reason it doesn't feel like it... may be because I didn't celebrate it properly?!... Who knows... but now I would give anithing just to go home and celebrate it there... Oh well...


Again Rain....

I'm still missunderstood
I'm sorry but from now on I'll have to write here in english as I'm in Ireland at the moment... got here about a week ago.... obviously feel a bit homesick... what have you expected from me?! It's me... There is nothing new in here... life lasts so long that I sometimes think that it's my panishment... well at least here I have friends...But I still feel alone...

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Я тут

I'm still missunderstood
все еще в России...

Red Star :Victory Day: by =alterna88 on deviantART

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Спроси меня

I'm still missunderstood
УРАААА!!! Мой днев восстановили!! Ну не могу я следить сразу за 3мя блогами!!! Слоооожно!!! ха ха ха... Тогда зачем заводила?! Чтобы общаться с людьми!!! Мне нужны друзья!!! Мне скучно однооооой!!! Т____Т

Ладно, нашла тут очень интересную штуку!! Называется "ASK ME" сайт, где заведя аккаунт, тебя могут спрашивать разные вопросы!!! Прикольно!!! Вот только меня чего-то никто ничего не спрашивает =(... хотя я добавила ссылку на дивиант арте... хм....

Хи хи Буду ждать


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I'm still missunderstood


Exams are almos over!!

I'm still missunderstood
YAY!! Im nearly finished with my exams and in 4 days I'll be free 4 4ever!!! Im really happy!

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I'm still missunderstood


I'm still missunderstood



I'm still missunderstood


I'm still missunderstood
Well!! Here I am again! Done with mocks finally! YAY!! So happy!!
Failed only one exam so far... not gonna tell the subject...=(((


Just wanted to draw....

I'm still missunderstood
I've just got an idea of a new comic so.... I'll add next pics, when they are ready...


Why I'm such a weard person?......

I'm still missunderstood
Yesterday was birthday of one of my classmates... everyone was going out, they were calling me to go with them, but I'm not that type of person... I don't get how you can have fun when you're drunk, stoned dancing in a pub with lods of people that you don't know, letting them to touch you... after only thinking about it I'm disgusted.... I wouldn't go unless I knew that somebody actually needs me there... And so I explained my position to my "friends" and they obviously need me there, that they won't abandon me... Hm... And so did "He".... hm... well... I went there.... I got in one pub... then we went to "ENVY"... on the way i had a phone call, and can't talk and walk,as I was in highheals.... so I stoped and asked them to wait.... they crossed the bridge and stopped near banches, but in 5 mins the disappered..... I ended up standing infront of the pub trying to get in (without an ID, although he promised to help me to get in....)...How stupid I looked...When my mum called I told this story... she didn't even try to stop me or tell me to go home, other way round... she was kinda ecouraging me... but then... I myself have decided to go back.... My feet were so sore thet I could no longer walk... so I took them off and went barefeet... I know I'm crazy but since yesterday I promised myself....I'll neve let myself look that stupid.... No lies anymore.... I don't have a clue what I'm gonna do on my birthday. as before that I was planning to go out... but not now....


First week of MOCKS is gone!!

I'm still missunderstood
It was my first week of MOCKS... Well... it's getting scary... as my leaving sert exams are getting closer and closer...Anyway, thia week wasn't too bad I had only two days of exams, but the next week will be deadly hard... on thursday I'll have 3 exams and the same on friday... that's why I need to study as hard as I can... please wish me luck... I don't want to fail them!


Ня.... и вы назовете это Новым Годом?!

I'm still missunderstood
У веселой семейки адамс(т.е. у моей семейки) прошел веселее некуда! Папа все-таки приехал из Новосиба в Москву попросил меня жить с ним... и так получилось что в это время мама уехала в Киев... ну вот так и не получилось у меня провести каникулы со всей семьей в сборе... Я сейчас понимаю что что-то не так... и что ничего уже не изменить...

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Блин, не ошибка ли это?!

I'm still missunderstood
не знаю с чего это мне в голову пришла идея создать фотовльбом на мэйле, но после этого я получила много всяких лестных комментаринв, что даж неудобно стала...